Festival Fables

1st November 2018

Festival Fables

Over the 2018 Festival week, we uploaded one 'Festival Fable' each evening at 7pm to our Facebook page Nairn.Festival.  There was one new story each night, written and read by members of the local writing group 'The Pen & I'. 

Suitable for children aged 3-7 yrs and 'big kids' too!

Are you sitting comfortably?  Relax and enjoy.............

Festival Fable 1 - Julie & 'A fishy tale'

Festival Fable 2 - Helen & 'Scat the Cat'

Festival Fable 3 - Sharon & 'The custard kid & the tooth monster' 

Festival Fable 4 - Elaine & 'Jamel the Camel' 

Festival Fable 5 - Eve & 'The big-headed King'

Festival Fable 6 - Susan & "Auntie Pat's visit'