James Miller

The Finest Road in the World
The Story of Travel and Transport in the Scottish Highlands

James Miller image
James Miller image

£8, Under 18s £3

3.30pm, Thursday 14th September 2017

Nairn Community & Arts Centre

Trains and stagecoaches stuck in the snow, wild storms driving sailing ships off course, traffic pile-ups on so-called ‘killer’ highways – stories abound about the horrors of travel in the Highlands and Islands through time.


James Miller tells the dramatic and sometimes surprisingly humorous story of travel and transport in the Highlands. Some figures are familiar – General George Wade, Thomas Telford and Joseph Mitchell – but there are many others, including the intrepid Lady Sarah Murray, who offered sound advice for travellers (‘Provide yourself with a strong roomy carriage, and have the springs well corded’).


This session will appeal to all who enjoy stories of travel and transport, and are interested in changing modes of transport in the Highlands, past, present and future.


James Miller was born in Caithness, studied in Aberdeen and Montreal, and worked for the British Council. He has written a number of acclaimed books, including Scapa, The Dambuilders, The Foresters, Inverness and Swords for Hire.

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Price: Adult £8.00 / Child £3.00
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