Evija Laivina

Women with Flowers

Evija Laivina image


Saturday, 7th September – Sunday, 15th September

Nairn Community & Arts Center, King Street, Nairn

Evija Laivina’s work explores social issues – the relationship between women, identity and social standards, standards of beauty, the experience of being a woman and what they are ready to do to meet society’s expectations.

This portrait photography project features women of Eastern European origin based in the Highlands, posing with flowers. Each woman who participated in the project chose a flower that matches her personality.

Each flower has its own mysterious meaning, for example roses symbolise love and passion, gladioli symbolise strength of character, hyacinths sincerity. The flower is the connecting element between each woman and her nature, opening her inner world to the viewer. Evija treats photography like historical portrait painting, creating a static, salon type photograph.

Tuesday 10th September at 6pm.
Join us for a glass of wine and a look at the exhibitions before our opening speaker event.