Iain Bain

Inky Fingers
Illustrated talk

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£8, under-18s £3

Thursday, 12th September 2019 | 3.15pm-4.15pm

Nairn Community & Arts Center, King Street, Nairn

In the 150th year of his family’s association with The Nairnshire Telegraph, editor and proprietor Iain Bain looks at the story of Nairn’s weekly newspaper, takes in some family history and his own experiences in journalism and publishing.
A Nairn native, Iain Bain found himself involved with the Nairnshire from an early age. But he was actively discouraged from seeing the family business as a career. He narrowly escaped becoming a geography teacher and nearly became an academic. However he could not get away from the ink and became a journalist. In the 1980s he edited The Geographical Magazine before returning to Nairn.


Price: Adult £8.00 / under-18s £3.00
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