Rosalind McHugh

Potatoes, Production, Peat and Pathogens

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Thursday, 5th September 2019 | 7.30pm

Nairn Community & Arts Center, King Street, Nairn

Dr. Ros McHugh, Potato Pathology Manager at Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) will talk about the journey that led her from growing chrysanthemums with her grandfather, to providing scientific support for the Scottish Seed Potato Industry.
She will focus on the work SASA does to support potato production – an industry worth £5 billion to the UK economy, why Scotland has a worldwide reputation for high health seed potatoes, why most seed potatoes produced at the SASA come from sterile microplants and why they grow over 1,000 varieties of potatoes every year, She also will speak about her work with potato diseases, the monitoring programmes and research into peat alternatives; biocontrol to help the industry evolve in a world committed to reducing environmental impact. SASA deals with everything from pesticide residue testing to DNA analysis, to wildlife forensics, plant health and lots of things in between.

Presented by Nairn & District Gardening Club


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